“…the lost generation of adults with autism spectrum conditions”

Baron-Cohen and Lai (2015) The aim of this blog is to bring together interesting information and articles concerning a specific area of autism research that is of personal significance in both my everyday life and my postgraduate and professional plans. When most people think of someone with autism they think of an introverted young person, […]

The psychology masters

I feel like I’ve been actively neglectful towards this blog and to anyone who is interested in staying up to date with my life, or the parts of it I put online (that still sounds a bit creepy to us Gen X types!). But this is what holidays are probably for, catching up on life […]

The Autscape Conference/Retreat

So it might take a while to get everything out as there is so much I want to say on the topic of my first ever in person Autscape. I’m still not sure how to describe it and I’d like to think it’s intentionally vague depending on who you’re talking to. For instance, for those […]

The dream job

As is usually the case, I’ve been neglecting this blog due to actual life stuff. The most important of which is the fact that I now live in Edinburgh and work as a research assistant on the replication of the most influential studies in neurodiversity, with my favourite scientist, Dr Catherine Crompton. It’s clearly been […]

The most Sheldon thing ever!

I’ve often mentioned that if it wasn’t for the character of Sheldon Cooper from the big bang theory, I probably wouldn’t know I’m autistic. Even though he was never labelled autistic, it is hard to deny or ignore the plethora of traits that should have warranted his mum to check with the specialist in Houston. […]

The satisfaction

It’s good to know the person who got a job with a charity that discriminated against me, is an absolute moron! “The games industry has more neurodivergent people working within it than the working age population.” Missing an important word (even if it’s a quote from the source material, find another quote!) that makes a […]

The final 2 weeks…

This is just a quick post to say that I have 2 weeks before submitting my thesis (assuming you can submit theses on Sundays). I feel woefully unprepared, not least because I haven’t finished it yet, but mainly because I don’t know what to do. Like how do I submit it, what format, if it […]

The reaction!

Just a quick post to say thanks for all the comments about previous post (many on twitter). Autism charities are obviously not for autistic people so I will be setting up my own asap! Watch this space and get in touch if you’re interested in helping.