The third, and final (for the time being) study!

Loads has happened lately! So much that I’ve not had time to write about any of it here. I finally have a third study up and running – It’s open to anyone aged 18 or over who is from the UK and is autistic (/Asperger’s/ASD/PDD-NOS/etc…) and I need tons of people to get the […]

“…the lost generation of adults with autism spectrum conditions”

Baron-Cohen and Lai (2015) The aim of this blog is to bring together interesting information and articles concerning a specific area of autism research that is of personal significance in both my everyday life and my postgraduate and professional plans. When most people think of someone with autism they think of an introverted young person, […]

The results

The results from my third study are in and I’m working my way through them. Unfortunately, several people have chosen to lie and deliberately skew the results! One of the first questions was “Do you have a diagnosis of ASC/autism/asperger’s?” and surprisingly the majority of people clicked yes. But upon closer inspection, many are lying. […]

The migraines

Less than 10 years ago I had a reasonably fruitful career in venue management (and other things). I like to think I was the Female British Jon Taffer (from Bar Rescue, a less sweary Gordon Ramsey), but better! I’m not sure when the first migraine happened but it was either when I was managing a […]

The ‘support’ groups

Regular readers (if I have any) will probably be aware that I’m trying to recruit loads of people very quickly for my research masters. This basically involves joining loads of Facebook groups and reading their rules to establish if it’s ok to post an advert/link to my survey. The majority don’t even mention it so […]

The drama continues…

The hashtag ActuallyAutistic has been trending since yesterday and whilst this makes me feel a bit warm inside, it’s just because of this stupid Spectrum 10K thing. I have my own problems with it, as described yesterday, but others have eloquently expressed other issues, including a link to Autism $peaks, famous autism hate group. Here’s […]

The Spectrum 10K

Yes, of course I have views on this! If you’re lucky enough to have missed this weeks controversy, some people are asking for 10 thousand samples of autistic dna. I’m not going to link to it because I don’t agree with what they are doing (well about 33% of me agrees with the theory) but […]