“…the lost generation of adults with autism spectrum conditions”

Baron-Cohen and Lai (2015) The aim of this blog is to bring together interesting information and articles concerning a specific area of autism research that is of personal significance in both my everyday life and my postgraduate and professional plans. When most people think of someone with autism they think of an introverted young person, […]

No more spoons…

I’m not having a good day. TBH it’s been a pretty bad week, starting at 8:50am Monday morning with an email telling me I wasn’t getting funding for my PhD. They could have told me Friday afternoon but they choose Monday morning to shatter my dreams. So why was an intelligent, experienced, passionate autistic person […]

That’s so autistic of you…

TL;DR – Here’s a link to my survey! https://kentpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_e5TIIt9ODhMsQi9 In true ND fashion, I created this blog to help publicise my project and have completely omitted the act of posting my survey! Is this more evidence for an ADHD diagnosis? Is the fact that I’ve promised my supervisor I’ll send him some work today but […]

Self diagnosis

I have a couple of things I wanted to say about this topic as it’s pretty relevant to autism research. I don’t have much personal experience of self diagnosis, mainly due to not meeting anyone that I could introduce myself to as neurodiverse and not having any old friends left who care. However, half way […]

Age of autism diagnosis

I am currently nearly 3 months into my masters of psychology at the University of Kent and after a few set backs, both personal and professional, my study has been sent to the ethics reviewers. This gives me a couple of weeks to concentrate on my PhD proposal; and revise for an exam which may […]

The obligatory catch up!

Hi folks, I just wanted to update as to why I’ve not been here lately. Thankfully, it’s nothing to do with Twitter! I’ve been working as a research assistant on a couple of projects involving mindfulness interventions for older people. I got involved after the initial study was done so was mainly tasked with setting […]

The tweets that made it all better again!

After my last post I thought I’d bring the blog back to the point with an amazing tweet that I saw yesterday. Robert Chapman@R_J_Chapman A new book on #neurodiversity theory (including two chapters from me) is out and currently free to download! Please share around. Neurodiversity Studies | A New Critical ParadigmBuilding on work in […]

The latest update

I wanted to post something so nobody thought I had disappeared! Currently I’m finishing an article that I’d like to get published somewhere other than on here but it’s nearly 3000 words so I haven’t found anywhere that’s interested yet (any suggestions appreciated!). It’s about the realities of education with autism so it gets a […]

The Social Model

I’ve been reading up on the social model of disability and it’s relevance to autism. The concept refers to how people are disabled by their environment and other social factors rather than their own physical or mental differences. Whilst it’s not claiming to explain every single persons experience in every way, it is still a […]